Essex based recruiter complaining of poor service levels from existing payroll company


We were approached by a recruitment company who complained bitterly about the number of mistakes being made by their payroll funding company asking if we could source them a factoring and payroll facility with a company that didn’t make mistakes on the payroll and provided funding to the levels that they were promised.

The existing payroll funder insisted that the recruitment company invoice in their name which not only meant that the recruiter had lost an opportunity to build up their own brand identity but also that the payroll funder was using the invoices to raise funds via their own factoring or invoice discounting facility which is a process that we don’t like as it can give rise to cash flow problems for the recruiter.

We introduced them to a factoring company who’s service levels are possibly second to none and an offer was made at rates cheaper than their existing provider. The transfer was completed painlessly within ten days from the original enquiry

RR Ltd of Essex